Apalachicola & Oysters -- September 2009 -- Part 1
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Knowing that we had almost 400 miles to go to reach Apalachicola, we slipped out of Savannah bright and early
on Sunday morning. While we had throughly enjoyed our long Labor Day weekend so far and hated to leave
Savannah, we were anxious to start the next leg of our adventure.

We drove, on purpose, along back roads all the way across rural, southern Georgia. Places like Hinesville,
Ludowici, Waycross, Mexico Crossing, Hahira, Pavo, and Thomasville greeted us before we slipped out of
Georgia and drove into Tallahassee, Florida.

Leaving the state capitol, we headed southwest for the Gulf Coast and zoomed past places like Crawfordville,
Sopchoppy, Carrabelle, and Eastpoint before crossing over the long bridge stretching over Apalachicola Bay to
our destination -- the Apalachicola Inn on the river right there in the middle of town.

All these place names -- each in their own way trying to tell a "one word" story -- added to out great adventure
on a beautiful sunny day in the early fall.

We checked into our room at the Inn and were pleasantly surprised, Even though the Inn was "old" and let's
just say "river side rustic," we loved it. Situated right on the Apalachicola River as it opened out into the bay
beyond the long bridge between Eastpoint and Apalachicola, we had a ringside seat to watch all the boat traffic
coming and going.

We immediately went next door to a place called "Boss Oyster" -- one of the most famous "oyster bars" in the
Southeast. D and I ordered up several rounds of their "oyster sample trays" and totally enjoyed the awesome
experience of trying out so many different ways to eat oysters. And of course, several rounds of adult
beverages helped immensely.

Yes, "oystering" out at Boss Oyster and then coming back to our room's balcony alongside the river and
watching the day come to a quiet and almost mystical ending was a great treat after a very long day.