Hike 1
Looking Glass Rock Hike 1 -- October 29, 2005
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The hike today was beautiful -- cool fall day with the foliage bursting with color all around me. However, since
this hike gains about 1800 feet in elevation, it was amazing to see how the colors fade as the trail got higher and
higher. It is like a time machine, that is, the higher you go, it seems like you are going into the future because
by the time you reach the top, the "peak colors" were at least two or three weeks ago.

But, the reverse is true if you hike this same trail in the early spring -- it's like going back in time. You will see
all sorts of "spring green" popping out all around you when you start out but by the time you get to the top, it
seems and looks like it is still the dead of winter with spring still weeks ahead.  

Anyway, I enjoyed my trip up the trail and I took my time to look at the beautiful fall colors all around me. By
the time I reached the "Helipad" area (a little bit past the halfway point), I was getting tired and enjoyed a
short stop here to let my legs relax a minute or two.  This area is a huge exposed granite clearing that has a
gigantic "H" painted in white in the center of the area. Rescue helicopters can land here to take injured hikers
off the mountain.
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Contact Information:
Holiday Inn Express in Brevard
-- half mile from entrance to
Pisgah National Forrest
After a LONG hike, hiker's best
friend :-)
Sign post that means
"home away from home."
"That's ma truck" as Forrest
Gump would say.
Looking towards intersection of
US64 and US276.
Turn left at the light and 100
yards to entrance of Pisgah
National Forrest.
Fall colors already showing on
road to trail head.
More colors.
Looking Glass Falls --
Falls are half mile from trail
head for Looking Glass Rock.
View of stream after pool at
bottom of falls.
Looking at back of Looking Glass
Rock (trail side). Other side is
sheer cliff and open rock face.
Trail head parking lot.
The sign "ought" to tell you,
"Trail is 6.4 miles roundtrip,
climbs 1800 ft, and you should
NOT be wearing high heels!"
Heading out ...
Trail is very easy to follow and
is well marked.
Sun light on the trail ...
Some places make you "look"
were you're walking... :-)
Switch-backs already -- see
hikers up on higher ground?
Good example of a 180 degree
Looking back down to where
I was when I took picture of
hikers "higher" than me.
Lots of Rhododendron and
Mountain Laurel here -- very
heavy growth.
Rhododendron full of flower
pods for next year.
This year's flower -- all gone :-(
Next year's flower already being
set up :-)
Getting up on trail -- can
see "way off" through trees.
Absolutely gorgeous -- talk
about color!
It just keeps getting better ... :-)
Great view out through the
trees now.
Another switch back -- lots of
them now -- climbing very
Getting up high now -- peeking
at some of the exposed granite
near the top.
My "pack."
Clearing at end of half mile of
nothing but switch-backs ...
Trail deeply rutted in soil -- rain
washes the trail badly in places.
Still surrounded by fall colors.
Trail marker -- rescue helipad is
to the left on large granite rock
Helipad clearing.
Lay ON the "H" -- that way they
can find your "tired, worn out
body" :-)
Trail starts to get "rocky" now --
almost like steps in places.
Trail nearing camp site near top.