Hike 2
Looking Glass Rock Hike 2 -- August 16, 2008
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Well, I back in one of my favorite places -- Holiday Inn Express in Brevard, NC. I always get the same room on
the 3rd floor, on the corner, which gives a me a great view of the intersection down at US 64 and 276.  

Tomorrow, I am hiking Looking Glass Rock -- one of my most favorite places to hike (next to Congaree National
Park in SC) -- with Jimmy, my life long friend and brother-in-law.  He lives over in Asheville and will meet me at
the hotel early in the morning.

Anyway, I propped up in my easy chair, looked out the window, sipped a few cool ones and watched the world go
by my window. Soon night time settled in all around me and I hit the sheets early.

We hit the trail early the next morning and took it very slow. Neither of us was in any great hurry to reach the
top as we both knew what was ahead of us -- a steady 1800 ft climb.  A little over 2 hours later, we reached the
Helipad area after slowly making our way up through the long section of switch-backs in the trail.  We rested up
a bit and then set out for the top. An hour later, we made it to the observation area on the granite outcropping
and were greeted as always, with breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys in Pisgah National Forest.

Our visit at the top (and our lunch break) was short lived because the rains were moving in on us. Not wanting to
be on the steep parts of the trail when it was raining, we don our rain gear and headed back down. After an hour
walking in the drizzling rain, we stopped at the Helipad area again and sought out the message a friend of ours
had cut into the exposed granite stone over 50 years ago.

Three hours later, I had said goodbye to Jimmy at the hotel and was once again propped up in my room after a
long hot shower and was watching the world go by outside my viewing window as I enjoyed a take-out meal and a
few cool ones. It had been a great day hiking with Jimmy and I enjoyed watching the day come to a close as the
lights outside twinkled "good night."
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