Hike 3
Looking Glass Rock Hike 3 -- October 9, 2009
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It's been over a year since I was here but it is almost like when I go to Columbia and hike in the Congaree
National Park.  What I mean is, I like this hotel, I always get the same room, and it's like a "home away from
home" -- same as with the same Holiday Inn Express hotel I stay in on I-20 & Clemson Road in Columbia.

Anyway, I propped up in the big old easy chair by the window, broke out my laptop, played games on it while I
sipped cool ones and also watched the world go by down at the intersection of US 64 and 276.  I had head that
it would be a full moon this night so I was ready to take some pictures.

As evening came, I was not disappointed  in the moon rise -- it was spectacular. It gave me a good feeling -- I
just knew the hike the next day was going to be great also.

I hit the trail early the next morning and about an hour later, rested up at the clearing area just past the long
section of continuous switch-backs in the trail. Not long after that, I ran into obstacles across the trail as a
huge tree had been blown down across thew trail.
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