Hike 4
Hike 4 -- April 17, 2010
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This weekend was one of my "get-away" weekends where I leave on Friday and come home Sunday afternoon. I
had been wanting to hike Looking Glass Rock again and decided that with the beautiful spring weather at hand.
I'd give it a shot.

My grandson Garrett had recently looked at my new web pages I put up for Looking Glass Rock and when he
found out I was going back, "he invited" himself to go with me. :-)

I got him out of school a couple hours early so we could make it out of town before the traffic up I-85 towards
Greenville, SC would be clogged. We had a great trip up to SC, stopping at the rest stop there before continuing
on towards Brevard, NC -- our ultimate destination.  We left I-85 right there at the rest stop area and got on
SC 11 -- The Cherokee Foothills Parkway.

We enjoyed the rural scenery as we zipped past farms and soon we reached US 176 and turned left and almost
immediately, started climbing the mountains as we made our way towards Rosman, NC.  As we crossed over the
Eastern Continental Divide, Garrett and I spent the next 15-20 minutes talking about geography and how the
United States is divided up into different "river drainage" areas. He's still not too sure that the water in the
creek that runs through my backyard eventually ends up in the Gulf of Mexico but at least
he is now "thinking" about it.

After arriving safely in Brevard, we checked into the Holiday Inn Express right there near the entrance to the
Pisgah National Forest. My favorite room was not available but we ended up with a great room that still looked
towards the intersection of US 64 ad US 276 at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest. We could see all the
activity going on at the huge Lowe's Store next to us so we were happy campers
(Garrett likes to "people watch" like I do).

After unpacking, we then drove into the forest so I could show him Looking Glass Falls -- a very large and
beautiful waterfall right by the road (US 276) that winds it way through Pisgah.  After walking all the way down
the steps from the parking area to the creek level at the base of the falls and then back up, I realized what was
in store for us tomorrow when we started our hike "up" Looking Glass Rock Trail.

Oh well, what's a little pain in the legs -- we were tough (well, maybe) :-)