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Hike 1
October 29, 2005  (Just me)
Hike 6
Hike 2
August 16, 2008  (Me and brother-in-law Jimmy)
Hike 7
Hike 3
October 9, 2009  (Just me)
Hike 8
Hike 4
April 17, 2010  (Me and Garrett)
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Hike 10
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Looking Glass Rock stands out prominently as it abruptly rises up out of
the valley floor surrounding it.  From the Blue Ridge Parkway, it is
one of the most "recognizable" land formations that you can
see in Pisgah National Forest in Western North Carolina.  

The western face of the "rock" is an almost 1000 foot
mass of exposed granite -- making the rock look like a
dome.  When it is wet, it shins like a mirror. There
are"some" who can free climb (no ropes) this
almost sheer, vertical wall of granite.

Me -- I'll hike up the
backside!  :-)
This hike
is one of
the most
hikes you can
take.  Climbing
up over 1800 feet
in elevation in just
over 3 miles, the
trail is rated moderate
to strenuous.  If you are
out of shape, you might not
make it to the top along the
continuously climbing trail with its
many switch-backs to ease the grade change.
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