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Black Rock
Black Rock Mountain State Park Hike -- November 10, 2007 -- Parts 1-2
This hike was very special to me because it was the
first time that Garrett had hiked alone with just

We took off early on Saturday morning and headed
for our hiking destination -- Black Rock Mountain
State Park up in the Northeast corner of Georgia.

The trip up was cool ... we got to talk a lot about all
sorts of stuff plus he had one of his video games to
keep himself busy.

He looked funny at times -- he had his blanket
wrapped over his head to block out the bright glare
shinning on his game display.
We hit the Tennessee Rock Trail about 11:30 and
soon we were completely surrounded by the forest ...
beautiful in all her fall colors.  

I was amazed at Garrett (and very proud of him
also) the entire time we were on the trail. He never
once complained about the duration of the hike and
more importantly, the difficulty of the hike.   At one
point, the trail rises about 500 feet in elevation at a
25% grade in about one quarter mile distance.  

I don't care if you're a casual hiker or seasoned
hiker ... that is tough going ... and Garrett did it with
flying colors (and left his puffing granddaddy behind
him on the way up)   :-)
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Thank you Garrett for allowing me to share two wonderful days with you.
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Black Rock State Park Trail Map. Our trail, the Tennessee Rock Trail, is in Yellow.