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Casino Visit 1 -- November 17, 2007 -- Tunica
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Harrah's Casino in Tunica, Mississippi is about a 7 hour ride from our home in Marietta, GA. Since Deanna and I
have always loved to travel, this trip was nothing more than a long afternoon drive in the countryside. This was
our first trip to Tunica and we were looking forwards to a brand new travel adventure.

We arrived in good shape and were impressed with the hotel and casino property. What is so strange though, is
that Mississippi has a law that states that "All casinos must be floating on water and can not be permanently
built on land." We had seen this down on the coast at Biloxi, etc., where all the casinos "float" in the Gulf of
Mexico. This casino was no different. It was built on the river side of the levee that parallels the Mississippi
River and was floating on a backwater creek that eventually flowed into the mighty Mississippi.

We played the slots a while and then hit the sheets early in the hotel next door on "dry land" -- it had been a
long day.  Up early the next morning, Deanna's Birthday, we took off in the Suburban to explore the surrounding
countryside. Tunica is about 40 miles SW of Memphis, Tennessee but it might as well be a 1,000 miles for out
here along the river in rural Mississippi, you are in another world -- table flat farm land on both sides of US 61
that runs straight as an arrow for miles and miles, tiny villages, one town (Tunica), and several casino resort
places all built on the river side of the 20 foot tall levee that seems to just wall out the rest of the world.

We explored a great riverside park nearby and had a great time just soaking up the local sights.  After arriving
back at our hotel, I settled into one of my favorite casino activities -- propped up in an easy chair by the window
in the hotel, sipping cools ones, and just looking out the window and watching the world go by (and taking a few
pictures) while Deanna is down on the casino floor playing the slots and also contributing to the
casino worker's 401K retirement fund :-)

As nighttime fell over my views out the window, I joined D down on the casino floor for dinner and a few rounds
of playing the slots. Knowing that we had a long ride back home ahead of us in the morning, we cashed out and
headed back to the hotel. Tunica had been fun and we both knew that we would be back.