Visit 2
Casino Visit 2 -- July 13, 2009 -- Cherokee
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Itching to play the slots before we headed off to Edisto at the end of the month for our annual 2-week stay at
Edisto Beach, SC, we headed for Harrah's Casino in Cherokee, NC.

The weather was wonderful and our room at the hotel was great as always. Our room was up on the 15th floor
and facing west (we always request this view) and I had a fantastic view of the world out my window. As most
people know, parking by a window in a hotel and watching the world go by while I sip a few cool ones and snap a
few pictures is one of my favorite pastimes -- especially at casinos like Harrah's here in Cherokee.

Don't get me wrong, I do love playing the slots, but I generally save that for nighttime after Deanna and I have
eaten dinner. She hits the casino floor 2 minutes after we check into our room and stays there until late at
night. While she is totally enjoying herself playing the slots, I am up in the room totally enjoying myself
watching the world go by outside my window. Besides, they won't let me bring my cooler down onto
the casino floor.  

Harrah's is in the middle of a three year building expansion project (costing about 700 million dollars) and the
amount of construction going on is unbelievable. From my vantage point high up in the hotel, I can watch all the
activities down below me -- from the construction workers building the new additions to the casino, the
hotel/casino visitors, traffic on the main road into Cherokee, the beautiful mountains, and of course,
sunsets when evening time comes around.