Visit 3
Casino Visit 3 -- September 21, 2009 -- Cherokee
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After recovering from our two week vacation at Edisto back in August, we are back
at Harrah's Casino in Cherokee, NC.

The trip up was wet -- rained the whole way. It had been raining hard for the last several days and the ground
was soaked which meant that lots of tiny creeks were now roaring, angry rivers of turbulent muddy waters.  One
of the things I noticed right off the bat when I looked out our hotel room window up on the 15th floor
of the hotel was that the normally clear water mountain stream that runs right by the hotel
was now a large, muddy roaring river.

I settled in into my routine of grabbing a comfortable chair and dragging it over to the window so I could watch
the world go by while Deanna headed for the casino floor. What amazed me today as I looked out my window was
the fact that with all the rain, and it was still pouring, it basically had no effect on the construction workers
building the new casino additions, nor on the people coming and going to the hotel and/or casino.
It was sort of like, "Out of my way -- nothing stopping me today!"

As evening fell, I was taken by the image of the huge lighted casino sign about 3 blocks distant from the hotel
that is at the entrance to the general parking area for the casino. The sign is about 80 feel tall and is of course,
lighted with electronically controlled lights and video images. From my vantage point, I could only see the side of
the sign structure and could see how the messages and videos being presented on the front side changed and
constantly changed colors.  

Our trip was wonderful as always and early the next morning, we headed back home.
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Muddy Stream
Night Lights
Muddy Stream
Night Lights