Visit 4
Casino Visit 4 -- September 24, 2009 -- Tunica
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Well, after two years, we were finally back at Harrah's Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. What had made this trip
even more eventful was that we had only been home from a trip to Harrah's Casino up in Cherokee just one day
when we said, "What the heck -- let's go to Tunica."  

As before, the trip was great and after checking into our room at the hotel, Deanna headed next door to the
casino and I settled into my favorite "casino activity" -- propped up in an easy chair on a high floor in the hotel
with my beer cooler, binoculars, and camera and setting about observing all the goings on outside
my window to the world.

This room had a much better view than the last one when we were here and I was amazed at all the activities I
could observe -- from all the hotel/casino workers and visitors like us and cars and trucks of all sizes and shapes
scurrying around down below me like multi-colored insects but all on a definite mission to "go somewhere." When
I saw a lady hotel worker get in her 2009 bright yellow, $200,000 plus Gallardo Lamborghini convertible and
drive away, I just knew the slots were not paying out that good :-(

I joined Deanna later for dinner and after a short session on the slots, we called it a day.  The next morning, we
took off again in the Suburban and went first by the riverside park we had visited earlier on our previous trip
and once back out on the main road (US 61), we decided, what the heck,  lets go across the river.

We head south down US 61 through all the flat Mississippi farm land (mostly cotton, it looked like) to US 49 and
then headed west past Lula and then up and over the bridge across the mighty Mississippi and then toured
through the town of Helena. The old riverside town was beautiful and had lots of
old Victorian houses in great shape.

We left Helena, drove through West Helena, and then headed north up through Marianna, then eastwards
through Hughes, West Memphis, across the Mississippi again and into Memphis and then back down south to the
hotel. Our almost 200 mile long side trip was relaxing, beautiful, and quite a treat for us as we had never
visited any of the places we had seen.

Back in my hotel room, I resumed my role of world watching at the window while Deanna went back to the casino
-- determined to make up for the losses incurred the night before. I didn't have the heart to tell her about the
yellow Lamborghini convertible I had seen.

I realize that world watching is difficult work but what the heck, the beer does help ease the pain.