Visit 5
Casino Visit 5 -- October 17, 2009 -- Cherokee
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Our trip back to Cherokee was a bit different this time because we did not get to stay at Harrah's Cherokee
Hotel. Deanna is a Harrah's Diamond Player and as such, our rooms at the hotel are free. For some reason,
all the rooms were filled so we stayed nearby at one of their "partner hotels."

This was a Holiday Inn Express, one of my favorite hotels any way, and it was literally just across the road about
2 blocks away. In fact, when I was sitting by the window doing my usual world-go-by watching while sipping a few
cool ones, I could actually communicate with Deanna over at the casino with our hand-held walkie talkies.  

I would drive her over to the casino entrance, drop her off and then return to the hotel. At night, I would drive
over, valet park the car, have dinner with her, and then we would both play the slots for a while before
returning back to our hotel across the street.  

While this arrangement is OK -- hey, a free room is a free room -- we both prefer the actual casino hotel itself.
The rooms are fantastic -- high end furniture, decor, accessories, etc., plus for me,
the views out of the upper floor rooms are fantastic.

Even though the view from my off-casino site hotel was only three stories tall, I was still able to observe lots of
going ons outside my window. The endless parade of cars on the main road and people milling about in the hotel
parking lot and walking on the sidewalks all contributed to some great people watching. The huge Harrah's casino
sign across the street with its ever changing messages and video presentations was also interesting to follow.

All in all, we had a great time.