Visit 6
Casino Visit 6 -- January 18, 2010 -- Cherokee
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Having just been back three weeks after our fabulous cruise on Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of The Seas" New
Years Eve cruise, we were anxious once again to go somewhere and what better place close by
than Harrah's Casino in Cherokee.

The ride up to Cherokee was beautiful -- clear blue sky winter day but beautiful all the same. When we passed
through Nantahala Gorge earlier in the day, it was breathtaking with the river running clean and icy cold over
the boulders and rocks beside the road that winds its way through the gorge. The only thing missing was the
usual collection of river rafters but I guess it was just to cold even for them.

We got to the hotel early and to our surprise, they had a room already for us -- up on the 15th floor. When we
got up into the room, and I looked out the window, I could not believe all the progress that had been made on
the huge new building going up right beside us.  Back in October, it was still a wide open skeleton of a
structure but now, it looked all closed in and was looking totally awesome.  

As soon as we got all settled in, Deanna headed for the casino floor far below and I made myself at home by the
window -- ready to sip cool ones, take pictures, and just overall enjoy the show going on far down below me.

I was amazed at some of the construction activity that I watched  -- like men up in bucket devices lifted very
HIGH above the ground so that they could work on things on the outside skin of the building. One group of men
we precariously attaching things that looked like 12-inch white metal disks that had symbols painted on them in
black and white -- sort of like a gear part. Sometimes the teeth or open sections pointed up, or down, or
to the sides -- I could never really see any rhyme or reason to them.

As night fell, a beautiful day started to slowly come to a close -- complete with a gorgeous sunset, great dinner
downstairs with Deanna, and a couple of hours of playing the slots.  We had a day trip planned for the next day
so we called it quits early and hit the sack.