Visit 7
Casino Visit 7 -- May 1, 2010 -- Cherokee
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This trip up to Harrah's was another one of those times when the hotel (Harrah's Casino) had no comp rooms
left for their Rewards Card Holders. Deanna is a Diamond and gets rooms free of charge -- except I have to pay
$10 a day to have access to their high-speed Internet service.

Once again, we stayed across the street at one of their "partner hotels" and as such, the room there was also
free. After getting checked in at the hotel, I took Deanna back over to the casino and dropped her off. Back at
the hotel, I quickly settled into my routine of people watching, sipping cool ones, taking pictures, and surfing the
Internet all the while watching all that was going on outside my window to the world.

The huge casino sign across the street was blazing away as usual, highlighting all the upcoming events at the
hotel theater, etc. Motorcyclist like this hotel and there seemed to be one coming or going every ten minutes.
The usual parade of cars and people kept the view out of my window entertaining as always and once more, people
amazed me with the stuff they actually do out in public.

As night fell and the casino sign across the street got brighter and brighter, I knew my window watching was
done for the day so I packed it all in and headed over to the casino to join Deanna for dinner and then a couple
of hours of playing the slots.  The machines were once again kind to us as we went back home early the
next morning  with more money than we had sat aside to gamble with.