Visit 8
Casino Visit 8 -- October 12, 2010 -- Cherokee
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We arrived at Harrah's early in the afternoon and were pleasantly surprised that they had a room ready for us.
Not only that, but it was up on the 15th floor and facing west -- my favorite view for my window watching routine.

Deanna of course headed for the casino floor and I set my stuff over by the window -- large easy chair, small
table, cooler, camera, and laptop up and running on the table. I was amazed at all the progress made on the new
casino building being built next door. At times, it seems like no progress has been made and then you go away and
come back a month or so later and boom -- major changes in full view.

The weather was quite warm for October and everyone was dressed accordingly. I watched one couple far down
below me on motorized wheelchairs. At first, they were way over on the other side of the highway that runs
through town and I was worried about them trying to negotiate all the car and construction traffic but sure
enough, they made steady progress and about 20 minutes later, I saw them zoom
out of sight below me and into the casino.

The evening twilight outside my window signaled me it was time to go find Deanna down on the casino floor and
both of us head for dinner and then a few hours of slot playing.

The next morning found the construction site and surrounding mountains shrouded in fog but as the morning wore
on, another bright sunny day greeted me as I took up my official window watching position
while Deanna headed downstairs for some mid-day slot playing.

The activities outside my window today was a constant view in motion, that is, everything seemed to be moving. A
young man across the street was desperately trying to set up his umbrella covered hot dog stand in time to catch
the workers at noon time, while the concrete trucks were coming and going like bees to a flower as they delivered
load after load of concrete to pour into large foundation forms that had been constructed.

I saw one trucker (huge dump truck) get his revenge on a motorcycle biker who appeared to be harassing him from
behind as they came down the main highway. The trucker retracted the dirt cover over his load and then he sped
up -- making a huge cloud of fine red dirt blow out of his truck and down all over the biker who
had been charging his truck, backing off, flashing his lights, etc.

This biker was a visual definition of an idiot. With passenger, 400 lbs of soft flesh on an 800 lb bike
playing "chicken" with a 12 TON dump truck!

At last look, the truck was gone and the biker and his girl friend companion rider were pulled over to the side of
the road trying to brush all the red clay dirt off themselves. It was a hoot!

The traffic coming and going to the entrance to the hotel was a never ending parade of colors and weird looking
cars and people. All in all, It was an entertaining afternoon, especially around 2 o'clock when it suddenly dawned on
me that it had to be "5 o'clock somewhere" and I popped open my first cool one.

All the while I was being entertained by my window to the world viewing, I was also following the rescue
operations on TV as the Chilean Mine Disaster Rescue was being shown on TV non-stop. Watching them bring up
the rescued miners was outstanding. It felt so good inside knowing that all these men had stuck together for so
long underground and here now, over 60 days later, were being brought up to the surface one at
a time to be greeted by their love ones and roaring and cheering crowds.  
Yes, it was "reality TV" at it finest.

The beautiful sunset outside my window today was a fitting end to a fantastic day of watching the world go by.  
A great dinner with Deanna down in the casino and then a few hours on the slots completed my day at Harrah's.
We had a great time on this trip and felt good about it all the way home early the next morning.
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