Visit 9
Casino Visit 9 -- December 14, 2010 -- Cherokee
View From The 15th Floor
The slideshows and pictures below show the world outside my window -- from Tuesday afternoon until
Thursday morning – this week while staying at Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, NC.

While Deanna was downstairs contributing to the Cherokee Indian 401K Retirement Plan,
I sat by the window, sipped a few cool ones, and watched the world go by.

I was amazed at the diligence and dedication of the construction workers below me -- working
in 12-32 degree temperatures that was freezing their hands, face, & feet.

From workers scurrying around on top of the high steel hammering and chipping away ice so they could work,
then those at mid-level handling frozen sheets of steel flooring, and
finally to the guys down in snow filled, frozen holes tying steel rebar frameworks
for re-enforced concrete foundation pillars --
they all worked continuously in a well orchestrated rhythm of team work
and purpose of mind (and following the blueprints).

I watched in awe at how both the 18-story high lift crane and the tank track driven excavator crane operators
maneuvered their machines with gentle but precise movements -- their heavy loads lifted or materials
(like tons of gravel on the ground) moved around so effortlessly in their final delivery.

People came and went from the casino -- guests, worker bees, emergency crews answering calls at the site -- all
day long and well into the night. The cars down below at the hotel motor entrance were constantly coming and
going -- the people filled with either excitement to go play and win or sadness for those that drove
away quietly as their time was up whether winners or losers.

The snow covered landscape that filled my window’s view was beautiful to look at and it gave me pause to reflect
on how life goes on. I was thankful that I was warm and snug in my room and privileged to watch the show
spread out before and below me.

While individually, some of the photos that follow might seem common, they are in fact an integral part
of a three day story. Enjoy.
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