Hike 3
Congaree National Park Hike 3 -- March 11, 2006
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My third trip into the swamp was special -- I got to bring my son Michael with me. This weekend trip was
multi-purpose in that one, it allowed us to spend the whole weekend together (bond, talk, enjoy each other's
friendship), two, it allowed us to take a short hike in the Park (a first for Michael), and three, we would leave
the park after our hike and go explore some old family cemeteries over in Kershaw and Lee Counties.

Michael's reaction to what all we saw as we wandered all the way round the Elevated Boardwalk Trail was just as
mine was the first time I came here. I think that just about everyone who comes here for the first time is
struck by the same sense of awe, amazement, and a feeling of peace as you quietly stroll amongst the huge trees
-- some of which are growing proudly out of the water that completely covers the ground in places.

Soon we had completed our hike and I was sure that Michael now understood why I had talked so much about
this very special and beautiful place. It's for sure that once you have been here, you will never forget it.

Knowing that we had many miles to cover to go see the cemeteries, we stowed all our hiking stuff in my truck
and away we went.

We first went by the old "Tiller" Cemetery, now called Bethany Cemetery in rural Lee County. Then, on our way
over to Camden, we stopped by the McCoy-McSween and Sandy Grove Baptist Church cemeteries in Kershaw
County before stopping at the Quaker Cemetery there in Camden.    

It was a great weekend -- what else can I say?
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