Hike 9
Congaree National Park Hike 9 -- November 15, 2008
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I'm hiking by myself this weekend. A cousin on mine who shall remain "nameless" chicken out today and decided
to not hike with me because "it might rain, no, it was too windy, no, wait a minute, I just started back to work
part-time and I am tired ... yeah, that is it."

Well, it did not rain, the wind was a bit breezy at times but all in all, it was another beautiful day in the swamp.
Because of the "threat" of bad weather, I had the boardwalk trail all to myself except for two groups
of people I passed by. As you will see in the pictures below and later on the last page where I have a bunch of
movie clips to share with you, it was VERY wet in the swamp today. Even thought it was not at flood stage like
it can get, I was thankful I was walking up on the elevated boardwalk and not tromping along on the wet
and muddy slick dirt trails below me.

I saw very little wildlife today --mainly just birds and one large pond turtle over on Weston Lake where I
stopped for a short lunch break. After I left there (which is about halfway around the 2.5 mile trail), I had
gone about halfway back towards the Visitor Center when I heard a huge -- VERY LOUD -- crashing noise
in the swamp ahead of me.

I figured that with all the wind, another old dead tree had finally bit the dust and had fallen down to
greet the earth again.
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