Hike 10
Congaree National Park Hike 10 -- February 25, 2009
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Well, I'm back in the swamp again. I have been putting off doing the Kingsnake Trail here in the park for several
years. The trail is over 12 miles in length (from Visitor Center to Bridge "L" and back) and one part it,
from Bridge "I" to "L", is a 100%  8.4 mile roundtrip dead-end trail.

Once I reached the end of the trail at Bridge "L" where it crosses over Cedar Creek, I thought about the long
way back over ground that I had "just conquered" -- especially the part of the trail that breaks away from
Cedar Cheek, loops down south for quite a ways before heading back north towards the creek again. This huge
"dip" part of the trail is about 3 miles in length (one way).

So, I made a command decision to head due west back along the south side of Cedar Creek -- making my own way
as there were no trails here. I guessed that it would save me about 2.3 miles (to cutout the dip part of the trail)
from my return.

This cross-country type hiking appeals to me as you have to have a good knowledge of where you are, where you
are going, and can make out landmarks along the way to guide you. With my park trail map in my pocket, plus my
hand-held GPS unit, I struck out across the swamp.
Map show trails
down from Visitor
Center towards
Weston Lake,
then on past
Bridges "D & C" to
Bridge "I" where
the Kingsnake
Trail starts,
crosses over
Bridges "J & K"
and dead ends at
Bridge "L" at
Cedar Creek
Canoe Access.