Hike 14
Congaree National Park Hike 14 -- February 27, 2010
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This was my first hike in 2010. Before it was all over, I was paying the price for not having hiked much since the
last time I was here in the swamp back in August of last year. However, as it turned out, this was a great
hike -- one that I greatly enjoyed, especially since my son-in-law John came down from Mt. Holly, NC to join me
in the pursuit of tired muscles and aching feet.

He had been wanting to do this hike with me and when my daughter found out I was planning on coming, she
hinted real good that John would "love" to go with me this weekend. So, after confirming that he would like to
come, I bought more beer (for after hike medical use only, you understand) and packed more trail snacks.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend -- could not have asked for better conditions to be hiking in
the "swamp."   After a good breakfast at the hotel, we headed for the Congaree National Park. When we left
the hotel it was about 32 degrees with crystal clear, cobalt blue skies -- beautiful.

We hit the trail early, about 8:30, and set out for the river for we had decided to take the 10+ mile long River
Trail . Since this was John's first trip into the swamp and the first part of the hike was on the elevated, then
low level Boardwalk Trail, he had a great introduction to the swamp. I am sure John was amazed and awed by all
the quiet but magnificent natural beauty that surrounded us as I was the first time I came this way.
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Map show trails
down from Visitor
Center towards  
Bridges "A, B, &
E" and then to
Bridge "F" where
the River Trail
actually starts.

The sandbar,
when visible, is
located where the
trail passes by
the center of the
big curve in the