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November 17, 2007 - Tunica, MS
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July 13, 2009 - Cherokee, NC
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September 21, 2009 - Cherokee, NC
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September 24, 2009 - Tunica, MS
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October 17, 2009 - Cherokee, NC
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January 18, 2010 - Cherokee, NC
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May 1, 2010 - Cherokee, NC
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October 12, 2010 - Cherokee, NC
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December 14, 2010 - Cherokee, NC
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There's something almost magical, and just as addictive, about the sounds made when a slot machine is paying out
your winnings. Ca-ching, ding, ding, ding, ding -- whether half dollars, quarters, or nickels -- that rapid fire sound of
money spitting out and down into your metal payout tray is pure casino music.

Deanna has always loved the slots and finally got me hooked on them while we were on several cruises. We both
play for the absolute fun of it and usually end up playing either the nickel or penny slots.

With the new type slots with video presentations representing the wheel actions, you can be entertained for hours
playing all the crazy and wild 5-wheel video slots that have cute, funny, adventuresome, etc., display actions with
great and usually crazy bonus rounds to keep you throughly entertained for hours -- whether winning or not.

Earlier, I mentioned the machines spitting out money that you had to gather up and carry around in buckets when
you cashed out for good or just wanted to go play another machine. Even though it was (still is) fun to hear and
watch the machines spit out all that money, it was in reality and pain in the butt -- especially when
you were just wanting to change machines.

Well, most casinos now have switched over to printing out a winnings ticket voucher and it can be fed into a new slot
machine just like real folding money. This now easy way to cash out has made it a snap to move to different
machines you might want to try out.  It's quick, convenient, etc., but
there are times when I long for the old way when you could see and hear all those coins spitting out
into the metal payout tray -- ding, ding, ding, ding -- music to your ears!

Our favorite place to visit is Harrah's Casino in Cherokee, NC which is only about a 3 hour ride from our home. Our
next favorite place to go is to Harrah's Casino in Tunica, MS. (about 40 miles SW of Memphis, TN.). Of course if the
truth be told, our REAL favorite casino to visit is one on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line cruise ship!
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