Congaree National Park Hikes
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The Congaree National Park, 25 miles southeast of Columbia, SC, is a wonderful, beautiful, and mysterious place.  
Being one of the largest hardwood floodplain swamps in the world -- hosting one of the highest hardwood canopies
in the world -- Congaree embraces all those images of what a swamp "ought to look like, feel like, and smell like."

In one instance, it is high and dry and you can hike dozens of miles in almost total solitude and an almost eerie
silence that is broken only occasionally by the sounds of birds.  Then, after heavy rain falls, the mighty Congaree
River swells from all the up-state water run off and the swamp (the park) floods and at times,
as high as 10 feet above normal dry levels.

All these things -- the solitude, the inherent beauty, the ability to see an almost primordial collections of plants and
animals going on about the business of surviving as they have done for thousands of years unmolested by man -- is
almost overwhelming at times.  Thank goodness that because of the perseverance of a few great people, Congaree
was saved from the lumber mill saws and can now be enjoyed by all.

With that, enjoy the pictures that follow as I share with you the beauty and mysteries that I have witnessed.
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  Hike 1
April 30, 2005  (Just me)
Hike 11
May 23, 2009  (Just me)
  Hike 2
September 24, 2005  (Just me)
Hike 12
June 13, 2009  (Me and grandson Garrett)
  Hike 3
March 11, 2006  (Me and son Michael)
Hike 13
August 15, 2009  (Me and 1st cousin Janie Lynn)
  Hike 4
September 23, 2006  (Just me)
Hike 14
February 27, 2010 (Me and son-in-law John)
  Hike 5
March 3, 2007  (Just me)
Hike 15
March 15, 2010 (Just me -- two places, two hikes)
  Hike 6
October 13, 2007  (Just me)
Hike 16
May 15, 2010  (Just me)
  Hike 7
May 3, 2008  (Me and 1st cousin Cindy)
Hike 17
October 15, 2010 (Me and friend Ransom)
  Hike 8
September 27, 2008  (Me, Cindy, & Jim)
Hike 18
February 12, 2011 (Just me -- two places, two hikes)
  Hike 9
November 15, 2008  (Just me)
  Hike 10
February 25, 2009  (Just me)
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The map at left
shows the Boardwalk
Trail and four other
trails in the park --
the Weston Lake
Loop, River,
Oakridge, and
Kingsnake Trails.

These five trails
cover over 35 miles
of scenic views and
access to just about
all of the park.