Honky Tonkin' in Destin
Honky Tonkin' in Destin -- May 2011 -- Videos
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While the pictures on the preceding pages visually captures the spirit of our week in Destin -- sort of a pictorial
journal you might say -- the following videos will give you an even more visual account of some of the things we
experienced while Honky Tonkin' in Destin for a whole week.  Enjoy!
View of ocean from our Condo balcony.
Getting ready to head for Destin.
First view of beach in front of Condo.
Watching boats at Boathouse Oyster Bar.
Enjoying the deck at the Boathouse.
Free entertainment! :-)
iPhone FIVE :-)
Night-time cruising.
Cruising along 30A on our beach tour.
First full day on the beach.
More fun on the beach.
Boat action in front of Harry T's.
Landscaping at Village of Baytowne Wharf.
Quiet morning at the Condo.
Village of Baytowne Wharf.
Checking out lake at Baytowne Wharf.
Hammerhead's Bar at Baytowne Wharf.  
Zip Line at Baytowne Wharf.
More singing at Hammerhead's Bar.
Enjoying pier at Baytowne Wharf.
Free concert at Baytowne Wharf.
Strolling through Baytowne Wharf.
Enjoying the music at Baytowne Wharf.
Enjoying the beach.
Jamming out on the deck at AJ's.
"We found this mat on the beach.."
"You don't have a hair...."
"Wasting away in Margaritaville."
"Rolling on the River."
"Ain't no cure for the summertime blues."