Orlando Fun
2004 Orlando Fun -- May 25-June 6 -- Parts 1-6
We joined our friends -- Debbie & Martyn, with her sister Lynn and two kids Lee & Sophie, and Deb's mother
and father from the U.K. -- at Orlando for a great weekend of fun. Debs thought that only Deanna and I
were coming and we were to be the "surprise" to her family.

But, unknown to Debs, we brought LOTS of family and friends (all of us vacation together every year) and
surprised ALL the Brits at their hotel when Deanna & I met them along with the "gang" -- Pat and Rosie, Ashley,
John, Matthew & Madelyn, and later on, we were joined by Bill "Hump" & Sandy, and Kim & Chuck & Sydney.  

Needless to say, it was a joyous "hoot" there at the lobby of their hotel.  

The pictures that follow on the next six pages cover all the time that the "Brits" were there in Orlando but
sadly, us "surprise visitors" could only stay over for a long and wonderful, memory-filled weekend.
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"And a good time was had by all."  This was our motto from start to finish and it served us well.
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