England and Paris
England and Paris -- Spring 2009 -- Part 31
A few movies to capture some of the action ...
Kings, Romans, Castles, Subways, Trains, Buses, Cathedrals, Towers, Shopping, and Pubs.
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Strolling into Hampton Court
"Look out -- here comes a
loose car!"
Deanna by fountain at
Hampton Court
Waiting on train to London
in Basingstoke
On way to Paris on Eurostar at
180 miles per hour!
Still racing towards Paris
Welcome to Paris! :-)
Strolling along street in Paris
Exploring an open air market!
Touring down the Champs-Élysées
on a double-decker bus.
Check out the crowds at the
Eiffel Tower.
Bumping along inside the
Milestones Museum!
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