England and Paris
England and Paris -- Spring 2009 -- Parts 1-31
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Kings, Romans, Castles, Subways, Trains, Buses, Cathedrals, Towers, Shopping, and Pubs.
I am really liking this notion of "having to go" to England and visit with Debbie and Martyn each year to
celebrate my birthday. This trip was wonderful from the moment our plane landed until we said our
tearful good-byes.

This year, our visit was highlighted by a fast trip (185 mph, Eurostar train trip from St Pancras station in
London to Gare du North station in Paris via the tunnel under the English Channel) with Debbie and Martyn for
three fantastic days in Paris. This was Deanna's first visit to the "City of Lights."  

Thank you Debbie and Martyn, for a wonderful time ... "and a good time was had by all."
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