Spring Break
Spring Break 2011 -- Day 2
Sunday, April 3 -- At hotel & then checking out BIG ship on our first day onboard
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Sunday morning found us in the middle of a full blown Chinese fire drill as the hotel was emptying out with
hundreds of guests like us that had stayed there before catching one of the cruise ships
docked over at Port Canaveral.

People were jammed all over the lobby area and out front as they were checking out and then trying to catch a
shuttle bus or a cab, whatever, over to the cruise terminals. The shuttle buses had huge trailers attached to
them so they could get all the passengers and their cruise luggage over to the terminal in one trip.  

Right at 10 AM, the cab we had ordered up (lots of people had also done this versus trying to deal with the crazy
shuttle bus thing) and we were soon loaded up and headed for the cruise ship.

To say that Justice was awed by the sight of the Freedom of The Seas as we approached it in the cab would be
an understatement. Heck, it even awed us and we have already sailed on it. This class of cruise ship is so large
and no matter what you read about them, or see pictures of them, you do not truly get the “picture” until you are
literally standing along side one and are immediately dwarfed and humbled by the sheer gigantic size of them.

D and I are Royal Caribbean Diamond level cruise members and as such, get extra perks like moving to the head
of lines, etc. That and with D in a wheelchair, we were about the 3rd group of people onboard ship when
they gave the all clear to load passengers.

It was wonderful seeing the awe and excitement on the face of Justice as we boarded the ship and made our way
up to the Pool Deck. It was just 11:30 and the ship did not even sail until 5 that afternoon so we got to enjoy
being on the ship for almost half a day in port. After exploring around a bit so Justice could start to see just
what all a cruise ship this large provides, we headed for the Windjammer Café on the aft end of the Pool Deck.

I think Justice was looking forwards to this more than anything. Justice loves to eat (thank God I do not have to
feed him all the time) and stories about the "Windjammer Café" had always been special to him and was high on
his list of things to do or visit if he ever got to sail on a cruise ship.

When he actually saw the place and all the food that was there just for the asking, and found out he could come
back through the line as many times as he desired, he was in heaven. I figured by the time the cruise was over,
Royal Caribbean would lose money on this "Eating for 10 people passenger."
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