Spring Break
Spring Break 2011 -- Day 3
Monday, April 4 -- Having fun on our first sea day -- no ports of call, no stress
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Monday morning found us steaming through the beautiful clear, blue waters of the Caribbean. Today was a
sea-day and our first port-of-call, Labadee, Haiti, was not until bright and early Tuesday morning.

After finally getting Justice up out of the bed, we made our way up to the Windjammer Café for breakfast. This
would be the only breakfast we all three shared together as after this morning, Justice was on his own schedule
to come and go. However, that schedule did have two major exceptions.

One, he was to be back at the room every evening by 5:30 so as to get ready for our 6 PM dinner (which he had
to attend) and two, he had to be back in the room by 1 AM to be in compliance with the ships’ rule that no one
under the age of 17 could be out and about on the ship unless in the direct accompaniment of an adult.

Sea days are just down right lazy, easy going, and carefree days. I love them. While Deanna usually sits around a
pool somewhere and reads one of her favorite books, I wander around the ship taking pictures and checking out
all the bars. I feel obligated to make sure that all bottles of beer sold are of the highest standards and as
evening time approaches, to also start verifying that all glasses of Merlot sold
are of the same high standard of excellence.

A friend of mine once told me that after I finished my tour of the bars onboard, I probably could not tell the
difference between a good beer and a bad home-made one if my life depended on it. That well may be true, but
what is important is that I am duty bound to appear to be honestly carrying out such
important responsibilities with class, calmness, and a steady pace.

Tonight was our first formal dress night onboard ship. Justice and I could not wait to get all dressed up in our
matching outfits -- all black with bright lavender ties. I must say, that after we got all decked out in our formal
gear, we were two cool looking dudes. It was a hoot and I enjoyed seeing Justice having a good time and enjoying
the evening at dinner all dressed up and afterwards when we had our formal pictures taken.

While Deanna I went to a great live show in the main theater and afterwards started contributing to the ship’s
personnel 401K pension plan in the Royal Casino, Justice took off with all his friends and disappeared into the
night. Since we were in a closed, safe environment, we felt good about just turning him loose
and letting him be free with his friends.

He knew all the rules and I am proud to say, we trusted him enough for him to be on his own. Besides, he knew
that I would kill him and throw him overboard if he broke any of the rules. : -)
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