Spring Break
Spring Break 2011 -- Day 7
Friday, April 8 -- Cozumel, Mexico -- celebrating and having fun at Señor Frog's
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A friendly shout of “Buenos días mis amigos” greeted us as we entered the Windjammer Café Friday morning.

We had pulled into the port of Cozumel, Mexico earlier and the Café greeter was just trying to get us into the
mood for the port we were visiting. Each day, he dressed according to the port we were visiting and it was always
a surprise to see what getups he could come up with -- from light blinking sunglasses, long, fake dreadlocks --
the list was endless to totally describe his complete outfits.

All in all, he made for a great start on each day as his cheerful personality made you just want to
smile and go have fun that day.  

Justice was anxious to go ashore here because he had said of all the places he really wanted to see on this cruise
was Señor Frogs in Cozumel. He of course had seen all the great cruise pictures from our last cruise on the
Freedom of The Seas and this place had really caught his attention.

We were tied up at the pier along side another of Royal Caribbean’s great cruise ships, the Voyager of The Seas.
When we departed our ship and went out onto the pier and headed for shore, it felt like we were walking in a
narrow but very deep canyon. The enormous size of these two great ships towered over us like
gigantic metal monsters as we made out way off the pier.

After reaching the bright sunshine after passing both ships, we were greeted by the great music we could hear
being played somewhere and all the bright colors of the wares for sale in the local terminal area. It was like a
village -- shops all over the place, brightly colored objects for sale and hundreds of cheerful, happy people
wandering around and searching for great bargains.