Spring Break
Spring Break 2011 -- Day 8
Saturday, April 9 -- One last, long sea day (& my birthday) -- will dock 4 AM Sunday morning
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Saturday found us steaming along on the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and headed back to
home port – Port Canaveral, Florida.

It was also my birthday -- 69 years old and having a ball!

Breakfast was great as always again this morning in the Windjammer Café and while Justice slept in (so what
else is new?), D and I enjoyed our usual morning ritual of her waiting to see what I had picked out for
her for breakfast.

D loves fresh made omelets so I went to the “Egg Station” and gave the cook behind the counter my order.
While the omelet was being prepared, I got her the bacon she likes, some croissants, butter, jelly, and
some great looking potatoes fried up with peppers, onions, etc., and finished off her
plate with a pile of fresh fruit pieces.

After getting her all situated, I got my favorites (scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage links, some of those
potatoes) and with the coffee and tomatoes juice already brought to our table by one of
the servers, we were all set.

After breakfast, we headed for the pool deck to just hang out and relax. This was our last day onboard and
with it being a sea day, we knew we had all day to just bum around and not worry about getting off and on
the ship as we would do if this were a port call day.  

D staked out one of her favorite places on the pool deck where she was in the shade but could enjoy the music
and other things going on around her. It amazes me how she can sit there in the middle of all this and read her
book as if she were sitting in a quiet library somewhere. She told me one time on a cruise that
it was easy -- especially after raising two kids and then having grandchildren to enjoy.

Some time mid-morning, Justice stumbled by – just to check in and say that he was hungry -- and then he was
off to eat and then join up with his friends for one final day together onboard ship. He had become quite
attached to his new friends and we knew that he was already dreading the fact that after tomorrow
morning, they would all be gone their separate ways.   

While D continued to enjoy her pool-side reading, I took off and wandered around the ship with camera in hand
on one last inspection tour. It has always amazed me that no matter how many times you cruise or sail on the
same ship, you can see or find things that you have never encountered before.

For example, as many times as I have passed by or stood in line at the Purser's Desk (Guest Relations), I had
never noticed that the entire wall behind the counter was covered in all these fantastic medieval looking
line-art drawings (10 in all) that were absolutely fascinating to look at.