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Spring Break
Spring Break 2011 -- Lots of Fun in 9 Days
I've been struggling how to begin telling the story about Deanna and me taking our 16 year old grandson on a
Caribbean cruise -- during the height of "Spring Break." Some might ask (actually, a lot did),
"What in the world were you thinking?"

Actually, this story started four years ago when we took all our kids and grandkids, except for Justice, on Royal
Caribbean’s "Freedom of The Seas" cruise ship for a 7-night Caribbean cruise. At the time, Justice could not go
with us and Deanna & I promised him that we would take him on a cruise one day to make up
for his missing out on that cruise.

Last year, Justice told us he though it would be a good idea if we took him on a cruise for his 16th birthday. We
agreed and soon, our great cruise was all planned out and booked (almost a year in advance). Since his birthday
falls just before Christmas, we thought we’d wait until spring time and if his school
let out for spring break, we'd go then.

Justice was primed and ready to go the minute he turned 16. He finally gave into the notion (fact) that he would
have to wait until April to go cruising.  As spring time approached, he talked constantly about "going on a cruise
for Spring Break" and how cool that would be. Deanna and I were still out in la la land and had yet to focus on
the words or implications of what traveling during that time would really mean.

So sit back and enjoy the story and lots of pictures on the following pages as I present a verbal and visual
journal that captures all the fun we had.
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Take my word for it, going on Spring Break with a 16 year old has NO dull moments... :-)
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