Fantastic Voyage
Fantastic Voyage of the Caribbean -- 2007 -- Parts 1-18
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"Fantastic Voyage of the Caribbean" --
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The Bailey (Senior & Junior) and Crawford
families set out for a 7-day Western
Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean's
“Freedom of the Seas”
-- the largest cruise ship in the world --
on May 27, 2007.
It is so hard being back off of vacation --
especially one taken onboard a fabulous cruise
ship where you are literally pampered like
royalty for seven fantastic days.  

I keep waiting to hear the band playing steel
drum Caribbean music out on my deck, I can’t
seem to find any iced down buckets of buds
close by, and there are no funny animals made
out of towels lying on my freshly made, turned
down bed at night.  Oh well … maybe later.
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Each passing moment allowed us to grow stronger as a family and to share the laughter and good times that we all enjoyed.
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