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The Gathering -- March 2011 -- Parts 1-3
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1.  an assembly or meeting.
2.  an assemblage of people; group or crowd.
3.  a collection, assemblage, or compilation of anything
Last weekend, I made a trip over to my home town, Sumter, SC, to attend an event called
"The Gathering"
that is held once or twice each year.
What started out years ago as a few friends "gathering" out besides an old barn type building located on
a friend's property to sip a few beers, listen to some music, cook something on the grill and
just socialize has become quite a tradition for all us old folks who attend.

Over the years, Billy Lane -- the generous and gracious host of this fantastic gathering of old high school
friends from probably 1950 up through today -- has put together an enormous collection of old signs, doors,
gas pumps, machines, etc, from days gone by and has them placed all over and inside the barn he
affectionately refers to (per the sign out front) as Billy’s Country Store.

So sit back and start with Part 1 and enjoy my journey to "The Gathering."