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Jacks River
Jacks River Falls Hikes
This 4 mile (one way) hike is both easy and
difficult at times. The trail for the most part
is easy to follow and gradual in nature, but when
you get down into the "Beech Bottoms," the
trail (path) can be hard to find (short cut
to falls) unless you have done it before.

Being in the Cohutta Wilderness, trail
blazers, markers are "few and
far between" by design. The
short cut saves 1.2 miles of
hiking -- if following the
regular trail to the
river, then to
the falls.
Anyway, Jacks River Falls is one of those special, beautiful places in Georgia that to see it, you have to "go
some" (by foot) to see it.  The trip is about 9 miles round trip and every foot of the trip is worth it.
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"Beech Bottoms"
is also the place (down at
the end of the trail near
the river), where I rescued
all those kids 12 years ago
when I got to Beech Creek on
another hike and it was flooded
big time.

The entire Beech Bottom area was one
wide, roaring, raging, and angry river that
had six young kids hopelessly stranded on a
tiny island and clinging to each other to keep
from being swept away.

I wrote a story about the rescue called
"One Thin Rope" that you can link to and read at
your leisure.
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