Hike 1
Hike 1 -- July 8, 2006
I took the boys -- Garret and Justice -- on a hike today at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield
Park in Marietta, GA.

The hike is about 2.5 miles long. From the Visitor Center, we hiked up the paved road almost to the top at a place
where there is a trail crossing the road (still a quarter of a mile away from the parking lot near the top). This
trail starts at the summit of Kennesaw Mountain (also know as "Big" Kennesaw) and comes down the mountain,
crosses over the paved road and continues on for about a half mile to the summit of "Little" Kennesaw Mountain.

We decided to take the trail up to the summit of Big Kennesaw and said goodbye to the paved road. In no time,
we were at the top and enjoying the views. After a while, we had seen all that we wanted to see and set out on
another trail that leads down to the parking lot.  Once there, we looked at some of the sights available from that
viewing angle (mainly from the Northwest around to the Northeast. All rested up, we then crossed over to the
far side of the parking lot and hit the gravel and dirt trail back down to the visitor center.

We had lots of fun, saw some deer, lots of butterflies, and met bunches of people on the trail. I huffed and
puffed all the way to the top and the boys didn't even breathe hard! To be that young again... :-)
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Visitor Center and museum.
National Park Service Logo
Garrett and Justice -- ready to
hit the trail!
"What was that noise?"
"Granddaddy, how's this for a
hiking stick?"
I have hiked Kennesaw
Mountain for 30 years -- never
saw a deer. Garrett spots one
first hike!
"A deer -- a deer!"  
"Yes, Garrett, I see it"
"Look Granddaddy -- a DEER!"
"OK, Garrett, you don't have to
rub it in...." Should have never
told him I had never seen one! :-)
Road we followed to top of
mountain -- would come
back on trail.
Two happy hikers at the
half-way up overlook (towards
downtown Atlanta -- about 19
miles away).
Yes ... Happy!
Granddaddy up close (my legs
are not hurting ... really).
Looking towards Marietta.
Looking back towards
Blackjack Mountain.
"Hot 'lanta" Downtown Atlanta.
"Garrett, if we went that way...."
"Do we have to start walking
Leaving the road, will take trail
up to top of Kennesaw.
"We're ready to start climbing ...
this ought to be fun!"
"Wait a minute, this is steep!"
At the top ... offical US Coast &
Geodetic Survey marker.
"Yeah ... we made it to the top."
Top is over 800 feet higher that
Visitor Center.
Looking west towards downtown
Kennesaw. Garrett wants to
explore another trail. The lady is
Pat ... took last picture of us.
Another great view.
"If I do not move too quick, I
can catch this butterfly!"
Two tired hikers -- taking in the
view from the overlook above
the parking lot at top on mountain.
"You mean we have to hike
Trail back to Visitor Center --
rock, dirt, and loose gravel all
the way. "Be be careful guys..."
"Come on, Granddaddy..."
Trail opens up half way down to
use part of an old road ... level
and lasts about 2 tenths of a
mile and then it's back to down
hill hiking again.
"Granddaddy, I sure am glad
we brought these water bottles
along ... I am so thirsty!"
Justice in his own world ...
walking quietly through the forest.
Garrett taking it all in also. It
was just a little bit further to the
Visitor Center ... and the end of
our hike.