Hike 2
Hike 2 -- May 10, 2008
The weather was great and Garrett and I decided to hike up Kennesaw Mountain.  We got his backpack loaded up
with water, found our hiking sticks, and headed for the mountain (just seven miles from my house).

We got to the park early and within no time at all, we were walking up the paved road to the top. Spring was in
full bloom and we were both amazed at how many different wild flowers we saw as we meandered up the
mountain road in no particular hurry.

There were lots of hikers out this morning on the road to the top. The road was closed to regular traffic now in
the park (open only in winter time) and the only you can "ride" to the top is to either ride your bike or take one
of the buses (usually a rented school bus) the Park Service uses to ferry visitors up and down the mountain.

You could hear the old school buses coming a half mile away -- straining like the devil in low gear to climb up the
mountain. Going down hill was scary -- coasting and riding the brakes (smelled like it) all the way.

The views from the side of the road towards Atlanta were a bit obscured because of the haze (heat, smog, etc --
welcome to Atlanta in the spring, summer). Even though hazy, the views are still breathtaking. It seems so
strange to be up on a high mountain and be so close to home and downtown Marietta (2.1 miles).

Anyway, we reached the top, soaked in the views in all directions and decided to take the dirt and gravel trail
back to the Visitor Center. On the way back down, we passed a work crew that was rebuilding part of another
trail within the park. Garrett didn't understand why he could not climb on that great looking machine
and run it -- especially since you stood up on the back of it to steer it. :-)

Safely back down to the Visitor Center, we hopped in my Suburban and finished off the rest of our water
as we headed for home.  

Another great hike was in the books.
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