Kennesaw Mountain
Kennesaw Mountain Hikes
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Hike 1
July 8, 2006 (Me, Justice, and Garrett)
Hike 6
Hike 2
May 10, 2008 (Me and Garrett)
Hike 7
Hike 3
May 23, 2010 (Me and Garrett)
Hike 8
Hike 4
October 15, 2011 (Me)
Hike 9
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Hike 10
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Kennesaw Mountain is only 7 miles from my house and is
a great place to go hiking. In the last 30 years, I have
probably hiked this mountain over 200 times.  There
are many trails within the boundary of the Kennesaw
Mountain National Battlefield Park.

Some trails are short like the trail up to
the summit of Kennesaw Mountain and
others that are many miles long that
either go all around the base of both
Kennesaw and Little Kennesaw
Mountains, to some very long trails
that go all the way over to the
Cheatham Hill Monument area that
is over 6 miles away from the
Visitor Center.

With the summit at 1808
feet, you get an 800 foot
climb from the
Visitor Center
up to the
top -- 1.1
miles by
trail or 1.7
miles by the
road. If not
in shape, you
WILL feel it!
There are
two basic
ways to
reach the
summit of

You can
hike to the
top by a
trail or you
can follow
the paved
road all the
way to just
below the
summit. From
the parking lot
there, it is a
short hike up to the
top. The views from here and some
from the roadway up are breathtaking --
on a clear day you can see downtown Atlanta,
(19 miles), Stone Mountain (28 miles), and the
mountains up past Jasper -- over 50 miles away.

Yes, the rewards for hiking up Kennesaw are worth it!
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