Holiday Cruise
Holiday Cruise -- 2009 -- Part 16
A few movies to capture some of the action ...
Day by day, our voyage on this magnificent new ship rewarded us with new innovations and excitement.
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One hour, 20 minutes till 2010!
One hour to go...
One Minute, 30 seconds...
Three-man belly flop
Walking in Royal Promenade
Walking in Central Park
Steady child on Flow Rider
Shaky adult on Flow Rider
Carousel in Boardwalk
Zip-line overhead in Boardwalk
Zipping across Boardwalk!
Dueling horns as we leave Nassau
View of Central Park from our deck
Independence of the Seas
docking in St. Thomas
Cruising beach front by
water taxi in St. Maarten
Watching Rising Tide Bar going down
View of bay at St. Thomas from
Paradise Point
Going ashore in St. Thomas
Sports Deck on Oasis
Hard landing on the Zip-Line!
Oh well ... another Flow Rider
bites the dust
Now this is how it is done...!
Some good music up on the
pool deck!
Dancing waters under the Rising
Tide Bar when it is up!
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