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Holiday Cruise
2009 Holiday Cruise -- Parts 1-16
It was a fantastic cruise on the largest cruise ship in the world -- The Oasis of The Seas.
You can read all about "
2009 Holiday Cruise" over on Mike's Reading Library.
Each day of our cruise allowed us to relax and enjoy the rewards of new friends, vistas, and  memories for a lifetime.
Saturday, December 26
Ft. Lauderdale -- Sail at 6 PM
Parts 1-2
Sunday, December 27
Nassau, Bahamas
Parts 3-4
Monday, December 28
At Sea -- Headed for St. Thomas
Parts 5-6
Tuesday, January 29
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Parts 7-8
Wednesday, January 30
Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Parts 9-10
Thursday, January 31
At Sea -- Happy New Year Eve's PARTY tonight!
Part 11-14
Friday, January 1
Still at Sea -- Last day -- Dock in the morning
Part 15
A few movies to show some of the action...
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