Savannah -- September 2005 -- Trip 1
The gang's all here -- party time.
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This was one of those weekends that had everybody in a party mood. A whole bunch of the "Edisto" crowd (all us
crazies that vacation together down at Edisto Beach, SC each year) decided we would invade Savannah for the
weekend and see what all was going on.  

Pat and Rose came down from Aiken, SC, Art and Judy came down from Big Canoe, GA, my sister Sabra and her
friend Arian joined us from Kennesaw, GA as well as my son Michael and his wife Elyse from Acworth, GA. We
had a great weekend of exploring River Street, verifying how good the "steamed oysters" were, and for the
adventuresome, a ride out to Tybee Island and a climb up into the Tybee Island Lighthouse.

Saturday was "1st Saturday on the River" which meant a great craft show was set up all along the promenade
there alongside River Street. We enjoyed checking all the neat stuff out and we also watched the Dachshund
dog show and the "Great Wiener Race."  

It was a hoot -- all those short, tiny legs just digging away...
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