Savannah -- September 2006 -- Trip 2
Ready to do River Street!
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The week leading up to this day had been a tough,
stress-filled week for me at work. By Friday, I was
in the dumps and Deanna said, "That's it ... book us
into the Marriott in Savannah ... we leave first thing

We drove down from Marietta on a beautiful fall day,
expressway driving until exit 154 on I-20 East, and
then off and onto the back roads all the way down to

We meandered down through Warrenton, Wrens,
Waynesboro, Sardis, Hiltonia, Sylvania, Newington,
Springfield, Rincon, and finally Savannah herself --
the "Hostess City of the South."
As the afternoon wore on, I could feel the stress
of the week just past slipping away.  

River Street provides for a great environment for
that to happen -- beautiful views, casual and
friendly atmosphere, shopping venues, great
restaurants, and some great places to get a few
"cool ones."  

Then to just kick back and listen to great music, or
watch "street performers, or gape in awe at HUGE
ocean-going ships working their ways up or down the
river -- what more could you ask for?
Yes, the back road trip did wonders -- easy going, beautiful countryside -- we were "ready to do River Street!"
We're here -- Marriott Riverfront
Hotel. View is up river towards
the new US17 Bridge.
Looking down river -- about 18
miles to the ocean.
Close up of several ships
docked down river past us.
Yours truly.
Deanna with the Westin Hotel
across the river behind her.
You have to take a water taxi to
get there or drive a LONG way.
Looking down to river on our
left. We follow path along river
to get to "River Street where all
the action is."
Looking down to our right ...
Back to our left ... looking along
river walk.
Close up of River Street about
2.5 blocks away from hotel. See
the "Waving Girl?"
The Marriott was "Olympic"
central during the 1996 Olympic
Games (in Atlanta). Sailing, etc.,
was held here.
Need I say more -- and you
thought it was safe to go back
into water :-)
Ground level -- looking across
front (river side) of hotel.
Another view of river side of
"D" walking down path by river.
Shed on right is for water taxi
over to where Westin Hotel is.
Beautiful US17 bridge in the
Similar cable-stayed bridge now
in Charleston, SC crossing over
the Cooper River.
1996 Olympic Yachting Cauldron.
Flame burned during the entire  
game events held in Savannah.
Plaque at base of cauldron.
"The Waving Girl" -- statue
dedicated to local woman
(Florence Martus) who waved
at every ship for over 40 years
coming on going on the river.
Local tug boats at rest -- waiting
for a "call."
Oh yes, we are HERE --
"One-Eyed Lizzy's" -- our first
destination for some "steamed
oysters" and a few cool ones!
Happy person number one.
The entrance to the place.
One bucket (for opened shells)
filling up. We polished off 6 dozen
steamed oysters -- oh, yes, 6
dozen :-)
Making them disappear... :-)
Happy person number 2.
No idea ... was cute so I took
picture out window of Lizzy's.
Actually, took picture of pink
thing behind her.
"D" in shopping mode.
US Coast Guard hauled these
people down -- searched
450 HP on a rubber Zodiac boat!
Yes, this baby can FLY up or
down river :-) Notice the .30 Cal
machine gun up front.
There's something beautiful and
exciting about "tugboats!"
Then, there's the "water taxi" --
what can I say :-)
God, she is at the ring place ...
I'm going broke ... I can just
feel it!
Upstairs at Lizzy's.
Big ship headed down river.
Neat huh? Westin hotel in back
ground. Reminded me of Pac
Wonder what's in all those
Maersk lines -- the Maersk
Dexter, London.
Let's see ... containers ... 1, 2,
3, 4, 5 ... times x equals ...
Weird "shapes" -- like people --
on top on building nearby.
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