Savannah -- June 2008 -- Trip 5
Sharing the fun with Ashley & John.
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As soon as we agreed in April to take Michael and Elyse with us to Savannah, I knew that we would have to take
Ashely and John. We hadn't been on River Street in Savannah 30 seconds with Michael and Elyse when Ashely
called me and asked, "Daddy ... when ARE you taking ME and John to Savannah?"

I can only assume that her brother had just called her from Savannah and was "teasing her" about it. Sibling
rivalry and aggravation never ends ... believe me... :-)  

Anyway, I promised her we would take her soon. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a whole year later but the
wait was worth it. It was a beautiful weekend and a "1st Saturday on the river day" -- meaning that a craft show
was set up all along the promenade by River Street on Saturday.

I had us booked at the new Holiday Inn Express right there on Bay Street and our rooms faced the river and we
all had great views.