Savannah -- November 2008 -- Trip 6
Savannah Seafood Festival.
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It seems like that a quick trip to Savannah has
become one of our favorite things to do to break
from the pressures of our lives and just kick back
and take in the fun and excitement that River
Street can provide.

This trip was just what the doctor ordered and we
had a blast. We stayed in the beautiful new Holiday
Inn Express right there on Bay Street. This hotel is
built to match the "architectural design" of all the
old buildings that are found along this part of Bay

Even though it is brand new, it looks like it was built
a 100 years ago.  Anyway, we got a fabulous room on
the top floor facing the river. The room had lots of
windows and the views were great.
Soon, we were down on the promenade along River
Street enjoying the "Savannah Seafood Festival"
that was in full force -- bands playing, dancers, craft
tents galore -- it was wonderful. As always, we made
our way over to the "Cotton Exchange" restaurant
and enjoyed a few buckets of oysters and a few
adult beverages.

As the evening wore on, we watched a great band
playing that had the crowd all clapping and "foot
tapping" right along with the beat of the music.

We finally called it a night and headed back to our
great room.  Sunrise greeted us with great views of
the river in its "quiet time."  All too soon, we said our
good-byes to the hotel staff and headed home.
Another great weekend was "in the books."
View from our room, mid
Weston Hotel across the river.
City hall and new US 17 Bridge.
US 17 Bridge -- awesome!
Factors Walk buildings.
Tall ship tied up on River Street.
Crazy people on tall ship?
Shrimp Festival activities.
More vendor booths.
OK, now we are talking ... FOOD!
I can only guess they work
on ship?
Dancing and clogging away!
More dancing ... they were great.
These oysters were HUGE!
Oh yeah, this is good!
We only ate TWO buckets full :-)
View from our room, next morning.
Hotel roof view, City hall, bridge.
Hotel roof view, tall ship tied up.
Hotel roof view, Weston Hotel.
Hotel Roof view, looking down
Hotel roof view, Factors Walk
Hotel roof view, City hall.
Hotel roof view, looking back
at city.
Hotel roof view, river thru railing.
Hotel roof, pool area, tables,
very nice and private.
Hotel roof view, shuttle boat,
runs between River St. &
Weston Hotel.
Hotel roof view, shuttle boat, tall
Looking at Lafayette Sq, HI Exp
on the right.
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