The southern point at Tybee Island
Savannah -- September 2009 -- Trip 7
Enjoying Tybee Island & another "1st Saturday" on River Street.
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This trip to Savannah was part of a multi-city trip. We came down to Savannah late on Friday afternoon with the
intention of spending a lot of time over on Tybee Island on Saturday and then coming back to River Street in the
afternoon to take park in/enjoy another "1st Saturday on the River" event.

Our favorite hotel, the beautiful Holiday Inn right there on Bay Street at the Abercorn Street entrance down
to River Street was booked solid so we stayed one block down on Bay Street at the Staybridge  Inn.
I say two-place trip because our intentions were to get up early Sunday morning in Savannah and then drive all
the way across southern Georgia on back roads and then drop down into Florida's Panhandle and head for
Apalachicola on the coast for the rest of the long Labor Day weekend.  

You can read (and see the pictures) of this part of our trip under
"Apalachicola and Oysters" on
Mike's Picture Library.  

Yes, this was a lot of "driving" for a weekend getaway, but keep in mind that taking LONG drives is ALSO a
favorite travel adventure "event" that D and I love very much.

So for now, sit back and enjoy the first part of our multi-city adventure.