Savannah -- March 2010 -- Trip 8
Spring Fever & fun on River Street.
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This was our first trip back to Savannah since last Labor Day weekend.  Both of us were sick of all the cold days,
including lots of snow this year, and the wet, rainy, miserable days it seems like we have been plagued with since
we got back from our cruise on the Oasis of the Seas over the Christmas/New Year holidays.

As usual, we took the long, slower back road way after leaving I-20 eastbound at Exit 154. No matter how many
times we take this route, it is always immediately relaxing and just beautiful as we zip across the
east Georgia countryside.

Our hotel this trip was our favorite -- the beautiful Holiday Inn Express right there on Bay Street across from
the Abercorn Street entrance to River Street. Our room was high up and on the corner of the building which
allowed views up Bay Street towards the beautiful "gold covered" City Hall building and then out the front
windows, we had a fabulous view of the river.

Soon we were out the door and down to River Street where we immediately went to the "Cotton Exchange" and
settled in for a long afternoon of eating dozens of steamed oysters (you shuck them) and enjoying numerous
rounds of adult beverages to wash them down.  

After eating oysters until we were stuffed, we wandered around a bit, bought some great Pralines at "River
Street Sweets"  and head back to the room. It had been a long day so while D rested and watched TV, I pulled up
a huge chair next to the windows and with my camera handy, enjoyed a few beers and
started watching the world go by.

What the heck -- someone has to do it! :-)
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