Savannah -- September 2010 -- Trip 9
Labor Day weekend with Garrett.
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We had been promising Garrett for a long time that the next time we went down to Savannah for a weekend visit
that we would take him with us. Well, that weekend finally arrived and we were off and running.

We took the back way down -- go I-20 East until Exit 154 -- and enjoyed the ride. Garrett loved travelling
through the countryside and especially liked it when we drove though all the small towns along the way.

Soon, we arrived in Savannah and checked into our favorite hotel -- the Holiday Inn Express right there on Bay
Street just a stone's throw from River Street along the river. We had a great room on the top floor overlooking
the river and River Street down below us. What blew Garrett's mind the most was the fact that the hotel's
swimming pool was directly above us up on the roof.  

We quickly put our gear away in the room and headed for River Street, and the Cotton Exchange where we were
going to "pig out" on steamed oysters. Boy, did we ever -- 12 dozen of them! It was great watching Garrett trying
to pop open the oysters shells (a first for him) and then just eating away.

After we just about ate all the oysters they had on hand, we set out to explore River Street. Garrett was
amazed how close we were to the river right there in the middle of town. When one of the huge container ships
passed by us, he was even more amazed. It was wonderful watching him soak up all the new sights and sounds that
surrounded all of us as we just ambled along the promenade by the river.