Trips to Savannah -- Planned & Unplanned
Over the years Deanna and I have fallen in love with Savannah.  Sometimes we think about
the trip in advance and hence we call those "planned" getaways -- complete with making
advance reservations at a hotel, etc. Then there are the other times -- well,
lets just say we went out for breakfast and ended
up on River Street --
an "unplanned"
home in
there are
many ways to
travel down to

Sometimes, we take
the fast way and go down
to Macon on I-75 and then zip
on over to Savannah on I-16.

Other times, we take the slower path and after
going east towards Augusta on I-20 to  Exit 154, we leave the busy
freeways and take the back roads down through Warrenton, Wrens, Waynesboro,
Milen, Sylvania, Springfield, and Ricon to Savannah. It takes longer but the trip is relaxing
and beautiful.
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  Trip 1
September 3, 2005  (Deanna & I and "the gang")
Trip 9
September 4, 2010  (Deanna & I and Garrett)
  Trip 2
September 30, 2006  (Deanna & I)
  Trip 3
September 29, 2007  (Deanna & I)
  Trip 4
April 11, 2008 (Deanna & I, Michael & Elyse)
  Trip 5
June 8, 2008  (Deanna & I, Ashley & John)
  Trip 6
November 1, 2008  (Deanna & I)
  Trip 7
September 5, 2009  (Deanna & I)
  Trip 8
March 3, 2010  (Deanna & I)
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