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Snow Village Part 1
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Snow Village
Mike's Snow Village, Parts 1-8
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On the following pages (Parts 1 - 8) are pictures of my Snow Village. The brightly colored ceramic pieces shown
on these pages are of village structures and "accessory" pieces that collectively, make up Department 56's
vision of a beautiful and happy Christmas time in a magical place known as "The Snow Village".  

I started collecting the individual pieces in 1980 after I received just one structure (
Cumberland House)
and one figure as a Christmas gift. Today, I have well over 75 structures (houses, buildings, etc.)
and hundreds of individual accessory (people, cars, trees, etc.) pieces.

In addition to all the pictures listed below of Mike's Snow Village that are for your viewing pleasure, check out
his story called
"Mike's Snow Village Closed for the Season" over on Mike's Reading Library.
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