Universal Studios & SeaWorld Getaway -- 2009 -- Parts 1-8
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This trip was one of our getaway trips/vacations -- just Deanna and me -- no kids, no grandkids, just us. We took
our time driving down Tuesday afternoon to Valdosta, GA and spent the night there. Being halfway there, our
trip the next morning was an easy ride to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

We were staying on-site at Universal at their beautiful resort hotel called the Portofino Bay Hotel. This place
was fabulous -- the setting picture perfect -- just like a small Italian fishing village.  We enjoyed our time here
exploring all the shops and great places to eat. It was almost like we "were in Italy."

We spent the rest of the day Wednesday exploring Universal Studios.  What was neat was being able to take a
boat ride from our hotel over to Universal Studios, City Walk, or Universal's Islands of Adventure and then
back to the hotel when were done for the day. We spent all day Thursday exploring  Islands of Adventure and
then on Friday, we left Universal and spent the whole day at SeaWorld.

SeaWorld is a fantastic place now and it really takes more than one day to see and do all that is there for you to
enjoy.  Saturday found us back at Universal Studios and we explored all that we had missed on Wednesday.
Sadly, Sunday morning found us packed and headed for home.

We had four fun-filled days in Orlando and throughly enjoyed every minute of our time there.
Each day of our "getaway" vacation was great -- just us and lots of fun.
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