Fun at WDW
Walt Disney World -- September 2008 -- Part 1
Taking it easy, no rush, and enjoying the day was our marching orders.
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Our first stop after we got on the bus at the Caribbean Beach Resort was MGM Studios. This seemed so strange.
Here we were at 11:30 on this beautiful Tuesday morning walking around in MGM Studios in Disney World and just
a "few" hours earlier, we were drinking a cup of coffee at our house before loading up the car to head
for the Airport.  

Anyway, to kill time before the "Raiders of the Lost Ark Stunt Show Spectacular" started, we visited one of our
favorite places -- The Muppet Show. No matter how many times we go, we always laugh and have a good time at
the 3-D show presentation.

Next we visited the live action Raiders of the Lost Ark show. The stage area is HUGE and all the play action done
down in front of you is truly spectacular -- complete with racing cars, machine gun fire, stunt work by the actors,
explosions, fire, and even an airplane that comes loping into the stage area  for "Indy" to deal with.

After the show, we of course had to eat lunch at the fabulous "Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater Restaurant." Set up inside
like an old time drive-in movie place, you sit in replicas of 50s and 60s cars for your meals. While you are eating,
they show non-stop film clips from all the great horror and Sci-Fi movies from the 50s and 60s.

After a great meal, we stood along the parade route through the middle of MGM and watched the "Toy Story"
Parade. These parades are always spectacular and have great music. Afterwards, we made our way towards
another ride we enjoy, called "The Great Movie Ride."  You ride around inside a huge building through various old
MGM movie sets with a "host" blabbing away about all that you see.